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FEMTO12 Special Issue

Collected papers from the Hamburg Conference on Femtochemistry

The open access journal Structural Dynamics dedicates a special issue to the Hamburg conference on Femtochemistry (FEMTO12), guest edited by Jochen Küpper. We now invite contributions to this special issue.

Structural Dynamics is a new open access and online-only journal edited by Majed Chergui, which is now accepting submissions for a special issue on the Hamburg Conference on FemtochemistryStructural Dynamics is co-published by ACA and AIP Publishing. It highlights research articles on structural determination and dynamics of systems. This includes, but is not limited to, experiments enabled by the emerging new instruments -- e.g., XFELs, VUV-XUV HHG sources, electron sources, etc. -- and new experimental and theoretical methodologies in Structural Dynamics and the field of femtochemistry in general. Average time from submission to publication in Structural Dynamics is less than 70 days.

Topics of this special issue include all those represented at the Hamburg conference on Femtochemistry, in the widest sense, and we encourage all participants of FEMTO12 to submit a paper. However, it is not required that the submitted work was presented at the Hamburg conference on Femtochemistry.

Submission opens on 1. August 2015 at http://sd.peerx-press.org. Manuscripts must be submitted no later than 15. February 2016. All articles will be published online and are fully citable immediately after acceptance  you do not have to wait for your work to be citable until the special issue is complete.

FEMTO12 has received a substantial discount on Open Access publication charges by AIP Publishing. The submission fee has been reduced from US$ 2200 to US$ 1500 for all contributions to this special issue. Furthermore, for authors that do not have the financial resource to support the full fee, we will be able to provide additional reductions or provide a waiver on a case by case basis. Let me point out that this financial support relies on a fair number of paid submissions, at least about fifteen, in order to provide a basic amount of funding required by the publishers for the special issue.

In order to plan the issue financially, please inform the guest editor, Jochen Küpper <jochen.kuepper@cfel.de> of your planned submissions to this special issue and whether you will be able to pay the full open-access fees or request a discount or waiver at your earliest convenience, preferably including a tentative title of your contribution. In order to enable us to confirm the discounts, it is important that you do provide us with your planned submissions, even when you plan to pay the full publication fee. Moreover, while we do not want to enforce payment nor actual submission, we rely on the provided information to be realistic. Finally, payment of fees is no guarantee of acceptance, this will solely be determined by peer review. An invoice will be sent to those authors that have committed to pay the fee after their paper is accepted.

For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the guest editor, Jochen Küpper <jochen.kuepper@cfel.de>, or the editor-in-chief, Majed Chergui <majed.chergui@epfl.ch>.


Submit your article at http://sd.peerx-press.org.