Registration and abstract submission deadline: 8.5.2015

Payment received By 11.5.2015 From 12.5.2015
Regular participant 500 EUR 650 EUR
Student (*) 350 EUR  

The registration fee includes the flyer, welcoming reception, coffee breaks, lunches Monday to Friday, refreshments during poster sessions, and the social excursion.  The conference dinner has an additional fee of 50 euro.

(*) The Hamburg Centre for Ultrafast Imaging (CUI) supports the participation of a large number of PhD students by covering 150 EUR of the full registration fee upon application. The application for the student fee should include a confirmation of the PhD status (e.g. scan of student ID card), a brief description of the student's scientific background and a convincing statement why appropriate financial support cannot be provided by the home institution. Send this via email to, with "FEMTO12 student support" as the subject line.

To register, please click here

After registration, you may upload your abstracts here.  Please use this template for your abstracts and follow the guidelines below.

Here are some guidelines for abstract preparation:

  • Only files of type *.docx and with a limited filesize of 5 MB can be submitted.  Please include your name in the name of the submitted file.
  • Do not change the font size, the text position or any other style parameter. A change of these will not be carried over to the final version.
  • Avoid using special characters where possible.
  • Do not exceed one page.
  • Please use the correct styles (see blow).  To select the style for a paragraph in microsoft word, click on the "format" menu, select "style", select the "styles" tab, select the appropriate style.


  1. Replace the template's title with your title.  The style should be "FEMTO12-Title".
  2. Replace the template's author list with your author list.  The style should be "FEMTO12-Author".
    1. Use the format initials followed by a space followed by surname. Each initial should be followed by a dot.
    2. Separate the authors by a comma.  Do not use "and".
    3. The superscripted numbers indicate affiliation.
    4. No space between author and affiliation number.
    5. The presenter should have an additional * after the affiliation number (without space in between).
    6. The comma to separate authors should come after the affiliation labels.
  3. Replace the template's affiliation list with your affiliation list.  The style should be "FEMTO12-Affiliation" for each affiliation.
    1. Each affiliation should be on a new line.
    2. The superscripted affiliation numbers should be in front of the affiliation.
    3. No space between affiliation number and affiliation.
  4. Replace the template's text with your text. The style should be "Normal".
  5. Replace the template's figure with your figure if you have one, otherwise delete it.
    1. Set text wrapping to "in line with text".
    2. Do not include the figure inside a text box.
    3. Do not edit your figure inside word. If you have to edit your figure, edit it before you include it in word.
    4. The image should be positioned above the refrences.
    5. Figures should be in .jpg or .png format.
  6. Replace the template's figure caption with your figure caption if you have one, otherwise delete it.  The style should be "FEMTO12-Image caption".
  7. Replace the template's references with your references.  The style should be "FEMTO12-References" for each reference.
    1. Each reference should be on a new line.
    2. Do not use a ":" directly after the brackets.